About Us

Aarogyaa Foundation For Health Promotion and Community Based Rehabilitation “ An Organization of professional's for Health care,Education,Social justice and Research",A voluntary organization working for all sections of society like Children's,Youngster,Woman,Old aged and Disabled through experts professionals for several programs which includes health camps, CBR programs,survey in rural and urban area to detect disability, up-gradation of knowledge of professionals,rural,urban and community development programs,science and technology related programs through workshops,symposium,and short terms educational programs in various field of technology,health and disability. 

It also works for the socioeconomic,educational and cultural development of the most neglected opperessed,down trodden and disadvantaged section of the society. We are working for rehabilitation and social justice for disabled children ,who require assistance in the society to get and use their human rights provided by our government schemes through guidance of our experts so that everyone in the society will get an equal opportunities without any discrimination.

Our experts of research field working hard to make assistive and adaptive devices as much as cost effective or free through different schemes to make disabled as much functional independent as possible to improve his ADL. We provide assistance in the free distribution camps through our government policies and make these devices available for the sufferer with perfection.


Our Mission as an organization is as follows

1. to promote the rights and interests of the disadvantaged and the disabled people in partnership with all stakeholders including the children, their families, community and the government by

• Building knowledge and capacities on inclusive practices

• Creating opportunities to increase meaningful participation

• Impacting policies

• Practicing and imbibing Inclusion

2. To identify and manage the forth coming citizens (children) for their education,nutrition and health care.

3.To enhance the income and net wealth of the Indian people.

4.Be a supporting hands,of under-privileged and helpless.

5.Total Human development.


De-roof the social evils,create a healthy environment,support the helpless and deprived ones of the society and to develop ability and skill for resource utility,which will be resulted into nation's prosperity

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